Amateur sport competition (42,195 km)

Half marathon (21,097 km)

Running of 12,5 km
 for both genders

Roccaforte del Greco - Condofuri - Bova

September 03th, 2017


We evoke the tenacity of the hemerodrome Philippides and are inspired by the idea to share with our contemporaries from all over the world and of all ages the strenuousness and the amenities of a run and feast day.

The ancient Greek proverb γνωθι σεαυτον (know thyself) is also the maxim which awaits us at the finishing line, because a Marathon is a school of life, where moreover the important thing is not winning but taking part.

The First Marathon of the Grecanic Area, Calabria, which leads us to charming places is no doubt a tiring amateur sport competition with three hard uphill stretches (from Roccaforte del Greco to Monte Scafi, from the river bed of the Amendolea, Condofuri, to the fields of Bova, from the Caloghiero valley to Bova) which require a strong commitment of the marathon runners (see below the marathon course).

In additon to the marathon there will be a half marathon (21,097 km, from Roccaforte del Greco to Rocca di Lupo, Condofuri) and a running of 12,5 km (from the crossroad of the strada vicinale Tefani with via Polemo to Piazza Roma, in Bova), see below the respective courses.

Musicians with typical Calabrian instruments will accompany the uphill sections, and there will be altogether eleven refreshment points, one every 3,5 km, the last at the kilometre 38,5.

After the event we will have a celebration at Bova with specialities of the Calabrian cuisine.



Aspromonte, area greca, Calabria.jpg

Aspromonte, area grecanica, Amendolea, Kalabrien.jpg

Bova, area greca, Calabria;.jpg


Arrivo della primavera, fiumara dell'Amendolea, area greca, Calabria; der Frühling hält Einzug, Fluß

Bova, sulle pendici dell'Aspromonte, area greca, Calabria; Bova, an den Hängen des Aspromonte-Gebirg


Bova, sulle pendici dell'Aspromonte, area grecanica, Calabria; Bova, an den Hängen des Aspromonte-Ge

Chora tu vua - Bova, Calabria; die Stadt Bova, Kalabrien.jpg

Castello Ruffo, fiumara dell'Amendolea, area greca, Calabria; Kastell Ruffo, Flußbett des Amendolea,

Crepuscolo, Aspromonte ed Etna; Abenddämmerung, Aspromonte-Gebirge und Ätna.jpg

Capretti, Condofuri, area greca, Calabria; Zicklein, Condofuri, kulturell und sprachlich griechisch

Das Aspromonte-Gebirge, Kalabrien, und der Ätna auf Sizilien..jpg

Das Aspromonte-Gebirge geht an das Ionische Meer baden, area grecanica, Kalabrien.jpg

Das Ionische Meer vor Bova, area greca, Kalabrien.jpg

Flußbett des Amendolea und Roccaforte del Greco am Berggipfel.jpg

Flußbett des Amendolea, Condofuri, kulturell und sprachlich griechisch geprägtes Gebiet, Kalabrien..

Flußbett des Amendolea, Condofuri, kulturell und sprachlich griechisch geprägtes Gebiet, Kalabrien -

La luna in alto e il falò sui muri di Bova, area greca, Calabria; der Mond in der Höhe und das Freud

Mimmo Mesiano sulla terrazza del Palazzo Nesci, fine delle riprese per il progetto Maratona di Bova.

Kalabrien, Roghudi vecchio, area greca.jpg

Pelame variopinto, capre a Condofuri, area greca, Calabria; buntes Haar der Ziegen in Condofuri, kul

Museo della lingua greco-calabra Gerhard Rohlfs, Bova, area greca, Calabria; Museum des griechisch-k

Paesaggio frai i ruderi di Brancaleone superiore e Staiti, area greca, Calabria; Landschaft zwischen

Pentedattilo, area grecanica, Calabria..jpg

Pietra Cappa, in Natile Superiore, Nationalpark Aspromonte, Kalabrien.jpg

Pietrapennata, frazione di Palizzi Superiore, area greca, Calabria; Pietrapennata, Ortsteil von Pali

Pietro Romeo, il postino di Bova ripresa per il progetto Maratona di Bova; Pietro Romeo, der Brieftr

Pentedattilo, area grecanica, Calabria; Pentedattilo, kulturell und sprachlich griechisch geprägtes

Rocca del Lupo, Amendolea, area greca, Calabria..jpg

Pietro Spanò, Santo Casile, Pietro Romeo, Saverio Casile, Angelo Maisano, fine delle riprese.jpg

Roccaforte del Greco, area greca, Calabria..jpg

Roghudi vecchio..jpg

Roghudi vecchio, area greca, Calabria.jpg

Roghudi vecchio, area grecanica, Calabria..jpg

Ville de Bova, Zone grécanique de la Calabre, dans le Parc National de l'Aspromonte.jpg

Santo Casile, Sindaco di Bova, Pietro Romeo, il postino di Bova..jpg

Ruderi di Brancaleone superiore, area greca, Calabria; Ruinen von Brancaleone superiore, griechischs

Vista da Bova fino al mare scintillante; Ausblick von Bova bis zum flimmernden Meer.jpg




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The idea of the Marathon in the Grecanic Area, Calabria, is closely connected with the person of Pietro Romeo, the former postman of Bova who day by day covered about 35 km (28 miles) in the Aspromonte massif to bring letters to the inhabitants of the Grecanic Area.








L'ha fatta la Grecia, la fà Bova, fate anche voi la maratona!


Run for fun - a marathon for pleasure!


Organized by:



By registration to the amateur sporting event "First Marathon of the Grecanic Area", the participant declares that the participation in the long-distance run is at his own risk. To take part is indispensable the presentation of a medical certificate of fitness for pedestrian sporting events of a length of more than 20 km.


Registration fee: 

Marathon € 40
Half-marathon € 30
12,5 km run € 20

You could make the payment through bank transfer.


Bank details

Holder of the bank account: Ruben Nicotera - Viaggiatori della vita
IBAN: IT87T0760116300001034064483

Purpose: Iscrizione Maratona Area Grecanica


Marathon Poster